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Tuesday May 20th


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La Sala @ Cantina Royal


Lila Davachi

Why and how we remember...


Claire Gillan

Why can’t I stop!? Habits and Compulsion in the Human Brain


Ida Momennejad

Imagine it! Remembering the future through episodic preplay


La Sala @ Cantina Royal


Adeen Flinker

Right vs. Left Brainers - Myth and Science


Ido Davidesco

I can make your brain similar to mine


Suzanne Dikker

On the same wavelength: connecting brains in science, art and education





La Sala @ Cantina Royal


Andre Fenton

Are you experienced? Adult experience can radically change neural circuit function


Lucia Melloni

Changing the mind: can we learn to 'see'?


Steve Fleming

Is ignorance bliss? The science of self-knowledge





The Beautiful Mind