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A Journey into the Unseen: Sleep, Space & Bubbles

Past event - 2024
13 May Doors open at 6:30 PM
Event starts at 7:00 PM
Two Locals Brewing, 3675 Market St Suite 100, Philadelphia (PA), PA 19104
Discover the Brews, Bosons, and Beyond! Dive into the fizzy world of pints, unravel the enigma of ghost particles, explore the science of the bluff and the cosmic risks of space radiation. From your favorite bubbly drinks to the mysteries of the universe, this journey promises excitement, intrigue, and a deeper understanding of the wonders that surround us. Don't get foled by what you see... or don't!

Fizzics of pints and bubbly drinks

Arnold Mathijssen (Assistant Professor - UPenn)
Ale, Pilsner, or Nitro? Chardonnay or Champagne? Dissolved gases completely change our sensory experience due to a cascade of intertwined chemical and physical properties. In this talk, Dr Mathijssen will discuss this fizzics of pints.

Atoms in the galaxy: What space radiation means for human flight

Frederico Kiffer (Postdoctoral Researcher - Children's Hospital of Philadelphia)
Space radiation is made up of highly-energetic nuclei that are capable of passing through spacecraft shielding and causing harm to astronauts. Due to the lengthy mission duration, Mars-bound astronauts will be exposed to consequential doses of space radiation. Fred’s research focuses on understanding the effects of space radiation on the brain and behavior, and using particle radiation properties to improve cancer treatment on Earth.

Mysteries of the ghost particle

Michelle Dolinski (Professor - Drexel University)
I study neutrinos, fundamental particles with tiny masses and no electric charge that are sometimes called the "ghost particle." They're all around us and streaming through us all the time, but (luckily!) they rarely interact with us. While this makes them difficult to study in the lab, this same property also makes them interesting tools for understanding our universe. I will talk about some neutrino mysteries and the kinds of experiments that we are building to solve them.

Sleepless Minds Get Troubled Hearts

Nadim El Jamal (Postdoctoral Researcher - UPenn)
All cells in our body have clocks that drive differences in cellular processes between day and night. All these clocks are synchronized by a master clock in our brain such that when our brain sleeps, our bodies do as well. What happens when we don’t? Join me for a peek into the exciting world of circadian biology and to explore the cardiovascular benefits of a good night’s sleep.
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