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Decisions, Art, and the Mind's Canvas

Past event - 2024
15 May Doors open at 12:00 PM
Event starts at 6:30 PM
Trinity Bar, 157 Orange St, New Haven, CT, CT 06510
Embark on a journey through the mind with some captivating studies. Delve into the neural underpinnings of decision-making in social interactions, while also exploring how mental imagery fuels artistic expression. Join us as we uncover the fascinating connections between neuroscience, human behavior, and creativity.

To Co-operate Or Not? A Neuro-Economic View

Deepa Prurushothaman (Postdoctoral Researcher - Yale University)
Difficulties in co-operative behavior affects the ability of a person to function as a group. This has a huge impact on work and social relationships. Studies proves that mechanisms for social behavior are impaired in schizophrenia. Usual laboratory tests are inadequate to capture the real-life aspect of social behavior. However, our study could evaluate it using a novel game. It established the role of behavioral economics (study of human behavior using tasks involving money) in neuroscience. The fact that even though minimally, patients with schizophrenia modified their behavior after feedback opens the possibility of repeated feedback which can be used in therapy.

Brainwaves to Brushstrokes: Decoding Mental Imagery for Artistic Creation

Dhananjay Bhaskar (Postdoctoral Researcher - Yale University)
We explore the intriguing confluence of neuroscience and art through the efforts to decode mental imagery using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI).
From mapping brain activity during video viewing to uncovering how emotions spark visual creation, we unveil the mind's mysteries. Discover our groundbreaking findings, shedding light on how the brain transforms abstract concepts into vivid imagery, and explore new horizons in artistic expression as we harness brainwaves to inspire visual art. This journey not only deepens our understanding of neural processing but also illuminates the profound connections between cognition and creativity.
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