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Nature Scales : From Plants to Cells to DNA

Past event - 2024
13 May Doors open at 12:00 PM
Event starts at 6:30 PM
Trinity Bar, 157 Orange St, New Haven, CT, CT 06510
From the intricacies of plant courtship to the frontline defenses of cellular life against invaders, and the revolutionary use of environmental DNA in conservation efforts, explore the fascinating realms of natural selection, cellular immunity, and biodiversity preservation in this captivating journey through science's frontline battles for survival.

Mating Choice in Plants

Henry Arenas (Postdoctoral Researcher - Yale University)
Choosing wisely who to mate with has important implications for the origin and maintenance of species. But can a choice be made after mating or by organisms that don't even mate? In this talk, I'll try to expand our appreciation of mate choice in plants and animals.

Safeguarding Life: Exploring How Cells Defend Against Foreign Threats

Sudheesh A P (Postdoctoral Researcher - Yale University)
Recent events like the SARS-CoV2 outbreak remind us of the ongoing threat viruses pose to human health. While vaccines are crucial, predicting future outbreaks is challenging. Instead of constantly retro-actively discovering vaccines, we could enhance our natural defenses within our cells to fight off a variety of infectious agents like viruses.

Harnessing the Power of Environmental DNA for Conservation and Discovery

Jane Hallam (Postdoctoral Researcher - Yale University)
Welcome to the world of environmental DNA (eDNA), a cutting-edge tool that functions like Nature's own crime scene investigation unit. eDNA analysis involves the collection and extraction of genetic material left behind by organisms in the environment, allowing scientists to detect and monitor biodiversity without the need to physically see or disturb the animals. This talk will shed light on some of the scientific processes behind eDNA analysis, revealing how tiny traces of DNA are answering big questions in wildlife conservation, and providing insights that were previously highly challenging to obtain.
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